Monday, 7 September 2015

Range Rover Sport - New Car Protection

Range Rover Sport - New Car Protection Package

This 2 month old 2015 Range Rover came to us from a client near Malmesbury, Wiltshire, for exterior Nano-ceramic sealant package and protection for the cream leather interior. 

As the car was already a few months out of the showroom, we first spent over 12 hours machine polishing the paintwork free of minor scratches and swirl marks picked up since collection.

Range Rover Sport - Minor Scratch CorrectionRange Rover Sport - After Minor Scratch Correction

The paintwork was then coated in a micro fine layer of the glass-like sealant to protect the perfected finish. The wheels were removed, deep cleaned and polished before being sealed and the glass treated with a hydrophobic sealant for enhanced visibility in wet conditions.
Range Rover Sport - Paintwork ProtectionRange Rover Sport - Alloy Wheel Sealed and Protected

The interior leather was then cleaned and treated to a UV and abrasion resistant protectant, to extend its life and make it easy to maintain.

Furthermore, the client has now taken advantage of our scheduled maintenance package to keep his vehicle in top shape all year round.

Range Rover Sport - New Car Protection PackageRange Rover Sport - New Car Protection Package

If you're about to take delivery of a new car, or are interested in the easy to care for option nano ceramic treatments can offer any vehicle, get in touch with us via our website at

Range Rover Sport - New Car Protection Package