Friday, 25 March 2016

Customised Brembo Calipers

We recently refurbished a set of calipers from an R33 Skyline, for a client with a specific colour scheme in mind. Unfortunately, the materials to complete such a project are not even available in the UK! We therefore imported the powder from our friends across the pond – a special effect two stage burnt metallic orange finish, which explodes into life when the sunlight hits it.

The calipers were stripped, and the parts to be replaced, including inner and outer Brembo seals, were sourced from the original part numbers - as a listing for these did not exist. After an acid bath to remove all grease and coatings from the calipers, the bores were protected and the surface blasted for a clean substrate. 
The powder was shot in two stages with a bake in between at 200c for full curing. We then rebuilt and pressure tested the calipers, before applying custom cut logo decals to finish.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Fiat 500 Cream Convertible Roof Clean

If you think your black or blue roof is in need of a clean, spare a thought for people with cream canvas roofs. 

This is the second Fiat roof in 12 months in this condition we have addressed, and it's not a job for the faint hearted. Whilst cleaning the algae and dirt from the roof is a fairly run of the mill job, this was compounded by a build up of black mould spots which would not move with chemical cleaning alone. Addressing the roof in sections, we managed to not only clean the mould spores from the fabric, but after a treatment with natural tea-tree, successfully killed all the mould causes in the fabric, leaving the roof clean, fresh, and back to its original cream colour.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Porsche Boxster S post-storage leather clean

This superb one-owner Porsche Boxster S was brought to us from nearby Tetbury, after being removed from winter storage to find the interior leather covered in mould spots – a problem often encountered in leather due to its organic nature - which the owner couldn't remove with conventional cleaning. In addition, the gear stick and handbrake were showing obvious signs of wear, and were in need of re-colouring after a previous attempt by the owner failed to yield satisfactory results.

Using our leather care experience borne from manufacturer training, we were able to remove all traces of mould from the leather, restoring its semi-matt finish before conditioning to protect against abrasion and UV damage, and allowing easier cleaning going forward!

The handbrake and gear stick are not simple to remove from these Boxsters, and so with reams of masking in place to protect the rest of the interior, the old colouring was removed where needed and colour was applied via airbrush, before sealing with a semi-matt topcoat to blend the finish.

Extremely happy customer and just as satisfying for us. 

Leather seat cleaningMould spots on leather seatsMould removal on leather seats

Interior Leather cleaningGear stick and handbrake recolouring