Friday, 24 June 2016

Dealership Hologram Removal – Ford Fiesta ST

Sometimes dealerships are guilty of trying too hard. In this case, we suspect a bird etching on the bonnet had led them to “buff out” the problem, but without a refining stage, this left its own mark on the new owners purchase. Every time the sun hit it, rather than exploding into flake popping loveliness, all you could see were holograms etched over the surface where the rotary polisher had been. In addition, poor wash technique has left light swirl marks over the rest of the car to remove.
A light machine polish with finishing compounds was all it took to restore the surface, after checking the panel with IPA wipe to ensure no fillers were masking further imperfections, the paint was topped with a coat of wax to protect it going forward and bring our the superb colour to the highest level. 
New purchase with similar issues? Give us a call for a no obligation quote to rectify the damage.

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