Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Saving the world, one recycled blog post at a time

Scrolling through our "blog post" folder on the desktop, I've noticed a blog which was written a while back, but for some reason, probably the move to our new unit, never made it onto Blogger™. An Aston Martin DBS. Had lots of fun with this car so it seems a shame not to post it just because it was a while ago...

One from a bit further away for us. We collected this Aston Martin DBS from our client north of London, revelling in the Bond theme CD all the way up the M4 back to our workshop. We'd had this car in a few months previously to recolour and reproof its soft top, with the owner being so happy with the result he soon booked in for a full correction and nano ceramic treatment to address the exterior paintwork.

Whilst silver cars do show up scratching less than darker coloured cars, it was immediately apparent, under our workshop lights, that the car would benefit from a correction polish. In addition, the car had be resprayed around a year previously, and the body shop had definitely left its mark on the car – over spray on rubber seals, orange peel unrefined in areas and sanding marks on chrome trim - which should have been removed prior to work commencing!

A paint lacquer chip on a wing meant the car had to first go to our friends up at Spraytech, north of Cirencester, where Alan did a superb job of spot repairing and re lacquering the arch for a near perfect finish, at a fraction of the cost of a full wing respray - which may not have matched up perfectly to the surrounding paintwork anyway.

Once back with us, we carefully removed all chrome trim strips and managed to rectify around 90% of the dual sanding marks marring the finish via the body-shop's slap-dash sanding, finishing on a cotton rouge wheel. We then removed as much of the silver paint over spray and polish residue from the panel gaps and trim as was accessible, before refitting.

A pillars were tested for individual layer paint thickness using our ultrasonic paint depth gauge, and wet sanded down to correct the rough orange peel finish. The bodywork was methodically machine polished to remove surface scratches and enhance the gloss from the clear coat. Once complete, the paintwork was sealed with a coat of Gtechniq Crystal Serum light, to protect from further marring and keep the finish locked in. In addition, the leather seats were gently cleaned to remove the built up surface dirt and sealed with another Gtechniq product – L1 leather sealant. The wheels were removed, deep cleaned, polished, and sealed, and the glass treated with a long lasting hydrophobic sealant to aid water dispersal in the rain...


Stunning car and a pleasure to see the reaction when our client collected the vehicle.

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